Let's Adventures

The Tent

We provide you large new tents of 23m² which can host up to six persons, solid waterproof canvas with windows and mosquito net. Originaly and confortably equiped as well as furnished, your tent provide a large space, natural without bitumed nor concrete, on a great landscaped field, tree-filled and cultivated.

The natural tents integration in space will seduce you, you will feel yourself impregnate by nature of the parc among local essences and isle's birds. Several plants, fruits, and also vegetables that you may be never saw nor tasted will be directly accessible to awake your eyes and papillaes. Use of sanitory facilities will be in « roots » spirit like the rest. You will dispose of an outdoor bathroom with a shower, trough as well as dry toilets. An outdoor kitchen is also provided.


- closed parking
- barbecue
- relaxing area with sun bath
- bed sheets, pillows et bath towels included
- shady area
- some season's fruits and vegetables will be free and at your disposal.
- possibility to rent a car, motos, bycicles with our partners at Saint-Leu
- companion pet allowed (bound)
- plusieurs navettes de transports en commun sont faites quotidiennement du matin au soir.

And with also... all goats and occupants's farm affections... ;-)